EVO 2018

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General Gaming

Looking back at our August 3-5     Recap 


The EBM team invaded the Mandalay Bay convention center as we attended the biggest fighting game tournament in the world! Zero, who is new to the dragon

ball fighter Z scene was intent on making a dent in the tournament scene as he made his first major debut. Zero, who is currently the #2 Naruto storm

player in the world, decided that it was time where he showcased his talents as a solidified competitor in the all-around fighting genre in a new game. As we made

our way through competitors such as Evil Geniuses's NYChrisG, we, unfortunately, fell in losers finals against ThugPassion. 


As we completed our tournament series, we look back as we will regroup and come back stronger for our next tournament. GG's to all the competitors as EBM looks 

forward to coming back stronger next time.


EBM Editor

EBM Editor

EBM Editor

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